General Principles for the Provision of Personnel Services in Relation to Job Seekers and Agency Workers


The information provided must be true, accurate, valid and up-to-date.


The provider undertakes to secure the disclosed personal data of the applicant/agency employee and other confidential information against misuse or disclosure that would be in conflict with the applicable legal regulations of the Czech Republic on the protection of personal data and the interests of the applicant/agency employee.


When dealing with the situation of an applicant/agency employee, an appropriate procedure must be recommended to protect the applicant's legitimate interests and rights.


If the provider is also an employer, it is obliged to properly train the employee in BOZP issues before taking up employment.


The Provider is not entitled to manipulate the calculations of wages of individual agency employees in order to obtain larger volumes of orders in the form of unfair competition and other dishonest conduct.


The provider is obliged to take out liability insurance for damage caused by its activities and operational activities.

Accidents at work

The provider is obliged to take care of the prevention of work accidents and to provide its agency employees with assistance in dealing with the situation of an accident at work.


Payment of fees by the applicant for job placement is inadmissible.


Any discrimination on the grounds of race, skin colour, sex, sexual orientation, language, creed and religion, political or other opinions, membership or activity in parties, movements, organizations and other associations, nationality, ethnic and social origin, property, birth, health, age, marital and family status or family obligations is prohibited in all relationships of providing personnel services, except if provided for by law or if there is a factual reason for it constituting the nature of the work or necessary for the performance of the work.