General Principles of Provision of Personnel Services in Relation to Employers


The information provided must be true, accurate, valid and up-to-date.


The Provider undertakes to secure the data and other confidential information communicated to the employer against misuse or disclosure that would be contrary to the employer's instructions or interests.


The Provider is obliged to actively pursue all activities aimed at resolving the employer's situation, in accordance with the employer's interests, according to the employer's instructions and assignments.


The provider is not entitled to manipulate the calculations of wages of individual employees in order to obtain larger volumes of orders in the form of unfair competition and other dishonest conduct.


The provider is not entitled to disclose to the employer any information that could lead to a violation of the prohibition of discrimination.


The provider undertakes not to approach the applicants placed by the provider with an offer of employment mediation, except in cases where the applicant expresses interest in the given personnel service or if the employer initiates or directly consents to it.

Compliance with the Terms and Conditions

The provider guarantees compliance with the terms and conditions agreed in the agreement or agreement on cooperation and the provision of the service, or in the order.


The provider is obliged to protect the legitimate interests of all its employees.